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Russian loss of life, who cares?

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Kiev (8/6 – 17).          

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s announcement about the personnel losses suffered by Moscow in May underscores the toll the conflict has taken on the Russian side.

The reported figure of 38,940 personnel losses for Moscow as stated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, indicates a significant escalation in the conflict’s intensity. Such a high monthly casualty count underscores the severity of the situation and the toll it’s taking on the Russian side.

Ellie Cook’s report in Newsweek highlights a critical aspect of conflict reporting the difficulty in accurately determining battlefield casualties. Analysts often caution against relying solely on figures provided by involved parties due to the potential for inaccuracies. Putin commented in a rare occasion on the death toll.

The UK Ministry of Defense’s estimate of 500,000 killed and wounded Russian personnel in Ukraine since the start of the war is a significant figure that aligns closely with Ukrainian estimates.

The Ukrainian General Staff’s report of 507,650 personnel losses since the beginning of the war underscores the significant toll the conflict has taken on Russian forces. The UK Ministry of Defense’s statement about the high level of casualties in May, with an average of over 1,200 Russian personnel per day, further emphasizes the intensity of the fighting during that period.

The record-high losses experienced by Russia, including the highest single daily loss figure of the entire war, are attributed to Moscow’s commitment to an attritional style of warfare. So called ‘meat grinder’ attacks, make up the number of mounting losses for the Russians.

The UK Ministry of Defence’s assessment highlights significant challenges facing Russian forces, including limitations in training and tactics. The report suggests that many Russian troops received only limited training.

Dissent within Russian society is growing. In a repressive system these forces are supressed. Observers warn that the army leaders, purged by Putin, could emerge as a force. Tactics in use are out of the Russian Red Army manuals. So is training and strategy.

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