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Biden: ‘A Cease-fire is Not Peace’

Even as many Democrats in Congress have called for a cease-fire and questioned the Israeli offensive, Biden has remained adamant that Israel is exercising...

US Fires on and Kills Hostile Forces, Launches Precision Airstrikes After Attack in Iraq

The US military has taken a number of retaliatory actions after multiple close-range ballistic missiles were launched against US and coalition forces at Al-Asad...

Have the US and Israel Agreed on Gaza’s Future?

Disagreements persist, but analysts say the US has shown no readiness to draw any red lines for IsraelOver the past couple of weeks, the...

Statement from President Joe Biden on the Hostage Release in Gaza

I welcome the deal to secure the release of hostages taken by the terrorist group Hamas during its brutal assault against Israel on October 7th.Jill...

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